Budget bunting

NEW to our range of display products is....Bunting! We can manufacture bunting to any size or shape and custom print it with any design you supply. Available in 4 materials, each with their own strengths, you have wide choice to choose from depending on the display situation of your bunting.

Synthetic Bunting

PVC Bunting

Custom printed Synthetic bunting
Custom printed PVC bunting
Our best selling bunting, Synthetic is waterproof and tear proof so it is suitable for display in any weather conditions.
Hard wearing and durable, PVC is great for outdoor use. Printed on heavyweight 300gsm PVC, gives it a vivid colour finish.

Paper Bunting

Polyester Bunting

Custom printed paper bunting
Custom printed polyester bunting
The cheapest bunting in our range, paper is best suited for indoor display. Printed on 170gsm silk coated paper, it's not as flimsy as the name may suggest.
For those who want their bunting to have the "flag flutter" then polyester fabric bunting is the solution.