Business Card Holders

  1. D099 Aluminium business card holder PP-XD01

    C097 Aluminium business card holder
    Aluminium business card holder Clip action closure The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour on...

    From£1.09 Each

  2. E099 Brent Card Case PP-XD04

    C097 Brent Card Case
    Brent card case Metal card case with matt finish, shiny trim and lined inner The quoted price...

    From£3.59 Each

  3. E099 Montreux Card Case PP-XD18

    C097 Geneva Card Case
    Montreux card case Grained black PU with white stitched line and shiny metal base The quoted price...

    From£2.35 Each

  4. E099 Darwin PU Business Card Holder PP-XD20

    E099 Darwin PU Business Card Holder
    Darwin PU business card holder Gusseted pocket and clear mica pocket The quoted price includes:...

    From£3.29 each

  5. E099 Mosaic Card Case PP-XD21

    E099 Mosaic Card Case
    Mosaic card case Nickel plated 2 tone finish with gunmetal base The quoted price includes: Engraved...

    From£5.99 each

  6. E099 Aluminium Card Case PP-XD22

    E099 Aluminium Card Case
    Aluminium card case Lightweight card case in matt finish The quoted price includes: Engraved in 1...

    From£1.79 each

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