1. Empire Clock PP-XP02

    C093 Empire Clock
    Empire clock Battery operated alarm clock Black base with silver front Good print area below...

    From£1.75 Each

  2. Silicone Fashion Watch PP-XP09

    C092 Silicone Fashion Watch
    Silicone fashion watch Standard 24 hour clock with stopwatch function The quoted price...

    From£0.79 Each

  3. Silicone Ion Sports Watch PP-XP10

    C092 Silicone Ion Sports Watch
    Silicone Ion watch Multi-functional sports watch Eco friendly, ultra lightweight and supplied...

    From£0.69 Each

  4. Crown Weather Station PP-XP15

    C094 Weather Station Clock
    Crown Weather Station Hygrometer, thermometer and clock Supplied in a gift box The quoted...

    From£11.69 Each

  5. Lexington Clock PP-XP19

    C094 Lexington Clock
    Lexington two tone desk clock Quartz analogue movement The quoted price includes: Laser...

    From£9.99 Each

  6. Freeze Fashion Watch PP-XP24

    E012 Freeze Fashion Watch
    Freeze watch Popular fashion watch Silicone strap Quartz movement The quoted price...

    From£6.13 each

  7. Silicone Fob Watch PP-XP29

    C092 Silicon Fob Watch
    Silicone fob watch All parts can be removed and cleaned to comply with NHS guidelines Brooch...

    From£2.65 Each

  8. Prague Travelling Clock PP-XP37

    C093 Prague Travelling Clock
    Economy travel alarm clock Translucent plastic cased analogue clock Folding protective cover...

    From£1.79 Each

  9. i-gotU Q-Band X PP-XP39

    E111 i-gotU Q-Band X
    i-gotU Q-Band X Arc 2.0 wireless activity tracker Allows the user to monitor activity levels...

    From£43.99 each

  10. Silicon Digital Watch PP-XP40

    D093 Silicon Digital Watch
    Silicon digital watch The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour on the face Dimensions:...

    From£1.32 each

  11. Silicone Watch PP-XP41

    D093 Silicone Watch
    Silicone wristband LED watch. Various sizes available Range of standard colours The quoted...

    From£0.57 each

  12. Lausanne Metal Travelling Clock PP-XP43

    D094 Lausanne Metal Travelling Clock
    Foldable metal travel clock Analogue alarm clock in an bright aluminium case Supplied in a...

    From£4.29 each

  13. Ancona Foldable Alarm Clock PP-XP44

    E013 Ancona Foldable Alarm Clock
    Ancona foldable alarm clock 12/24hr mode, snooze function,time, thermometer and calendar The...

    From£3.05 each

  14. Bespoke Wall Clock PP-XP45

    D094 Bespoke Wall Clock
    Bespoke wallclock Design your own wallclock Any shape within 250 x 250mm or 525cm² Made...

    From£4.79 each

  15. Standard Shaped Wall Clock PP-XP47

    E013 Standard Shaped Wall Clock
    Standard Shaped wall clock Made from 3mm thick foamex Available in 4 standard shapes The...

    From£4.15 each

  16. Analogue Wall Clock PP-XP48F

    E013 Analogue Wall Clock
    Analogue wall clock Large numbers and second hand The quoted price includes: Printed full...

    From£8.29 each

  17. Domino Desk Clock PP-XP49

    E013 Domino Desk Clock
    Domino analogue desk clock Plastic desk clock with large white surround and black styles fascia...

    From£3.09 each

  18. Digital Desk Clock PP-XP50

    E013 Digital Desk Clock
    Digital desk clock Time/date, alarm, timer and temperature functions The quoted price...

    From£8.49 each

  19. Kitchen Timer PP-XP51

    E012 Kitchen Timer
    Traditional clockwork kitchen timer Egg shaped analogue timer The quoted price includes:...

    From£2.09 each

  20. Nurse Fob Watch PP-XP52

    E012 Nurse Fob Watch
    Nurse fob watch Safety pin attachment The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour on the dial...

    From£5.39 each

  21. Chronograph Sports Watch PP-XP53

    E012 Chronograph Sports Watch
    Chronograph sports watch Leather strap The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour on the dial...

    From£20.59 each

  22. i-gotU Q-Watch PP-XP54

    E111 i-gotU Q-Watch
    i-gotU Q-Watch Activity Tracker / Smart watch Allows the user to monitor activity levels and...

    From£49.99 each

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