Eco Lanyards

  1. E072 ID Card Holder PP-EL15F

    E072 ID Card Holder
    Rigid ID card holder Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic The quoted price includes: Printed...

    From£0.39 each

  2. E072 20mm Bamboo Lanyard PP-EM09

    E072 20mm Bamboo Lanyard
    20mm bamboo lanyard Made from sustainable bamboo fibre with a silky smooth finish Supplied with...

    From£0.62 each

  3. E072 20mm Plant Silk Lanyard PP-EM36

    C046 20mm Plant Silk Lanyard
    20mm flat plant silk lanyard Made from recycled grain crop stems Supplied with plastic safety break...

    From£0.58 Each

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