Food & Drink

  1. F067 Silver Tower Tin Filled with Mints PP-MM08

    C143 Silver Tower Tin Filled With Mints
    Silver tower tin |~Filled with approximately 28g of mini sugar free mints|~The quoted price...

    From£0.75 Each

  2. F066 Mini Mint Cube PP-MM09F

    F066 Mini Mint Cube
    Mini mint cube|~Filled with approximately 18g of sugar free mints|~The quoted price includes:...

    From£1.06 each

  3. F067 Shaped Mint Card Container PP-MM21

    F067 Shaped Mint Card Container
    Shaped mint card container|~Available in card shaped, house, round, truck, or car shaped|~Filled...

    From£0.38 each

  4. F068 Natural Smoothie Drink PP-MM24F

    F068 Natural Smoothie Drink
    Bottled smoothie 330ml |~A blend of fruit purees and fruit juice concentrate|~Our highest quality...

    From£1.89 each

  5. F068 250ml Canned Drink PP-MM25F

    F068 250ml Canned Drink
    Can of refreshing energy drink|~Variety of drink flavours including the popular energy drink|~250ml...

    From£1.27 each

  6. F068 330ml Bottled Water PP-MM26F

    F068 330ml Bottled Water
    Natural spring bottled water|~PET 330ml recyclable bottle |~Clear transparent bottle with screw cap...

    From£0.34 each

  7. F065 Jelly Belly Dinky Mini Pot PP-MM28F

    F065 Jelly Belly Dinky Mini Pot
    Dinky mini pot |~Clear pot with a White / Clear screw cap|~Contains approximately 30g of Original...

    From£1.65 each

  8. F068 Shortbread Biscuit PP-MM36

    C140 Shortbread Biscuits
    Round Shortbread biscuit|~Single biscuit in clear wrap|~The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour...

    From£0.21 Each

  9. F068 Ginger Finger Biscuits PP-MM37

    C140 Ginger Biscuits
    Ginger finger biscuit|~Single biscuit in printed clear wrap|~The quoted price includes: Printed 1...

    From£0.13 Each

  10. F069 Flow Pack Chocolate Squares PP-MM44

    C142 Flow Pack Chocolate Squares
    Flow pack after dinner chocolate squares|~The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour on the...

    From£83.00 Each

  11. F064 Flow Pack Mint Imperials PP-MM45

    C143 Flow Pack Mints
    Flow pack mint imperials|~Individual mint imperials flow packed|~The quoted price includes: Printed...

    From£88.59 Each

  12. F064 Flow Pack Mixed Fruit Sweets PP-MM46

    C143 Flow Pack Sweets
    Flow pack sweets|~Mixed fruit flavours|~Individual sweets flow packed|~The quoted price includes:...

    From£102.99 Each

  13. F068 Fortune Cookies PP-MM49

    C140 Fair Trade Fortune Cookies
    Fortune cookies|~Individually wrapped in a range of foil colours |~The quoted price includes:...

    From£0.23 Each

  14. F064 Candy Cane Cards PP-MM56F

    F064 Candy Cane Cards
    Candy cane cards|~Peppermint candy cane on backing card|~The quoted price includes: Printed full...

    From£0.80 each

  15. F069 Desktop Advent Calendar PP-MM57F

    F069 Desktop Advent Calendar
    Desktop advent calendar|~A5 calendar with 60g of milk chocolate|~Individually shrink wrapped|~The...

    From£2.65 each

  16. F069 Box of Four Printed Chocolate Pralines PP-MM60F

    F069 Box of Four Printed Chocolate Pralines
    Box of 4 printed chocolates|~Choice of fillings/flavours in milk, plain or white hand made Belgian...

    From£2.81 each

  17. F064 Rock Sweets PP-MM65

    F064 Rock Sweets
    Rock sweets|~Made in the colours and flavour of your choice|~Company name through the middle|~The...

    From£0.06 each

  18. F064 Stick of Rock PP-MM66F

    F064 Stick of Rock
    Stick of rock|~Made in the colours and flavour of your choice|~The quoted price includes: Basic...

    From£0.52 each

  19. F065 Travel Tin Containing Sweets PP-MM67F

    F065 Travel Tin Containing Sweets
    Travel tin|~Containing hard boiled fruit sweets|~Traditional flavoured fruit drops|~The quoted...

    From£2.35 each

  20. F065 Jar Of Coloured Matched Humbugs PP-MM77F

    F065 Jar Of Coloured Matched Humbugs
    Jar of coloured matched humbugs|~Square glass jar containing traditional humbugs|~The quoted price...

    From£2.95 each

  21. F067 Atomz Sweets - Full Colour PP-MM79F

    F067 Atomz Sweets - Full Colour
    Atomz sweets|~Flip top plastic case|~Containing 16g of sweets|~Available in fruit or mint...

    From£0.52 each

  22. F066 Mint Twister PP-MM80F

    F066 Mint Twister
    Mint Twister|~Plastic half sphere container|~18g of sugar free mints approximately|~The quoted...

    From£0.97 each

  23. F065 Sweet Bucket PP-MM91F

    F065 Sweet Bucket
    Fun for one bucket of sweets|~A delicious sweet sensation of retro mix, jelly beans or mint...

    From£0.89 each

  24. F064 Football Fruit Lollipop PP-MM93F

    F064 Football Fruit Lollipop
    Football fruit lollipop|~Football kit shaped card |~The quoted price includes: Printed full colour...

    From£0.29 each

  25. F064 Retro Sweet Bag PP-MM94F

    F064 Retro Sweet Bag
    Retro sweet bag|~Clear bag containing a selection of retro sweets|~The quoted price includes:...

    From£1.05 each