Fridge Magnets

  1. F080 50mm Fridge Magnet PP-BF13F

    C044 50mm Fridge Magnet
    Fridge magnet |~Flexible 50mm fridge magnet |~0.5mm magnetic rubber composite |~Available in round...

    From£0.07 Each

  2. F080 Midi Fridge Magnet PP-BF15F

    C044 Midi Fridge Magnet
    Midi fridge magnet |~Flexible medium sized fridge magnet available in a wide range of shapes|~0.5mm...

    From£0.11 Each

  3. F081 A5 Magnetic Memo Board PP-BF18F

    C044 A5 Magnetic Memo Board
    A5 magnetic memo board|~Supplied with a dry wipe marker|~0.5mm magnetic composite|~The quoted price...

    From£0.84 Each