Sports & Leisure

Travel Products
Travel Products
Cooler bags, Travel wallets, Drinks bottles and more. A large selection of printed products ideal for taking away on a trip.
Knives and Tools
Knives and Tools
A selection of knives and tools, including the multiple use swiss army knife and keyring knife.
A good selection of umbrellas in different colours, styles and sizes.
Tool Kits
Tool Kits
Screwdrivers and multi-tools and ideal corporate gift for those interested in DIY.
Golf Products
Golf Products
Corporate branded golf balls, tee sets, towels and more. A great corporate gift for those corporate golf days.
Games and Toys
Games & Toys
Balloons, Teddy bears, activity bags, yo-yo's, frisbee, juggling balls and playing cards all available printd with your logo or message.
Tape Measures
Tape Measures
Tape measures and spirit levels in different shapes, colours and sizes. Great for builders or DIY companies.
Sports Bottles
Sports Bottles
Promosafe sports bottles in different styles and colours. Great for sporting events or just as a drinks bottle.
  1. 8 x 21 Binoculars PP-EP02

    E111 8 x 21 Binoculars
    Binoculars 8 x 21 magnification Supplied with a cleaning cloth and a black nylon pouch...

    From£7.57 each

  2. 4 x 30 Binoculars PP-EP10

    E111 4 x 30 Binoculars
    Binoculars 4 x 30 magnification Supplied with a cleaning cloth and a black nylon pouch...

    From£3.81 each

  3. Rain Poncho PP-MG17F

    E067 Rain Poncho
    Rain poncho One size Folded in a clear polybag with sticker Sticker printed full colour...

    From£0.64 each

  4. Self Heating Reusable Pad PP-MG25

    E106 Self Heating Reusable Pad
    Self heating reusable pad The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour in 1 position...

    From£0.65 each

  5. Shopping Basket PP-MG27

    E108 Shopping Basket
    Shopping and picnic basket Aluminium insulation Folds flat The quoted price includes:...

    From£12.69 each

  6. Neoprene Flat Pack Can Cooler PP-MG28F

    E108 Neoprene Flat Pack Can Cooler
    Neoprene flat pack can cooler The quoted price includes: Printed full colour in 1 position...

    From£0.67 each

  7. Snack Box PP-MG29

    E108 Snack Box
    Snack box Hinged lid and snap closure The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour on the lid...

    From£1.32 each

  8. Koozie Duo Lunch Cooler PP-MG30

    E108 Koozie Duo Lunch Cooler
    Koozie ® Duo lunch cooler Vertical carrying cooler 2 separate zipped compartments Front...

    From£4.73 each

  9. Rectangular Cooler Bag PP-MG31

    E108 Rectangular Cooler Bag
    Rectangle insulated cooler bag Carrying handle The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour in...

    From£1.53 each

  10. Chilham 6 Can Cooler PP-MG32

    E108 Chilham 6 Can Cooler
    Chilham 6 can insulated cooler 250d polyester The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour in 1...

    From£1.99 each

  11. Multi Function Cutlery Set PP-MG33

    E108 Multi Function Cutlery Set
    Multi function cutlery set Knife, fork and spoon Also a bottle opener The quoted price...

    From£0.63 each

  12. Pizza Cutter Bottle Opener PP-MG34

    E108 Pizza Cutter Bottle Opener
    Plastic pizza cutter and bottle opener A perfect giveaway for universities The quoted price...

    From£0.99 each

  13. Transparent Beach Lilo PP-MG35

    E134 Transparent Beach Lilo
    Transparent beach lilo Classic inflatable beach mattress The quoted price includes: Printed 1...

    From£5.39 each

  14. Childs Swim Ring PP-MG36

    E134 Childs Swim Ring
    Childs' swim ring One inflation and one-way saftey valve The quoted price includes:...

    From£2.49 each

  15. Stadium Cup PP-MJ01

    E132 Stadium Cup
    Stadium plastic cup Plastic cup, screw top lid and clear straw in solid or flexible plastic...

    From£2.95 each

  16. Solar Powered Pedometer PP-TP04

    C104 Solar Powered Pedometer
    Solar powered clip-on pedometer LCD display, step counter, distance in miles and calorie counter...

    From£2.69 Each

  17. Basic Pedometer PP-TP08

    C104 Basic Pedometer
    Basic economy pedometer Plastic pedometer with step counter The quoted price includes: Printed...

    From£0.75 Each

  18. Pittsburgh Jogger Safety LED Wrist Band PP-TP26

    E110 Pittsburgh Jogger Safety LED Wrist Band
    Jogger LED safety band Light-up yellow band with adjustable velcro strap The quoted price...

    From£3.25 each