1. Heart Fridge Magnet PP-BE17

    D042 Heart Fridge Magnet
    Heart fridge magnet Red heart shaped fridge magnet with bottle opener on reverse The quoted...

    From£1.29 each

  2. Snow Globe PP-CA12

    C041 Snow Globe
    Paper Insert snowglobe Traditional dome shake-action snowglobe Imitation snow and glitter in...

    From£3.63 Each

  3. Shaped Magnetic Bookmark PP-EN08

    D026 Shaped Magnetic Bookmark
    Shaped magnetic bookmark Cut to any workable shape on the front Gloss laminated 300gsm card...

    From£0.19 each

  4. 15cm Bookmark Ruler PP-EN09

    D026 15cm Bookmark Ruler
    15cm Bookmark ruler Made from Polypropylene Cut to your customised shape The quoted price...

    From£0.21 each

  5. Christmas Cracker PP-ES20

    C041 Christmas Cracker
    Christmas cracker Traditional 10 inch Christmas cracker Cracker contains hat, snap, motto and...

    From£1.82 Each

  6. Snowflake PP-ES25F

    D042 Snowflake
    Snowflake Christmas tree hanging snowflake. Clear Perspex with branded insert The quoted...

    From£2.19 each

  7. Ronneby Christmas Stocking PP-ES26

    D042 Ronneby Christmas Stocking
    Christmas stocking Felt stocking with white trim and hanging loop The quoted price includes:...

    From£0.81 each

  8. Jute Santa Sack PP-EX12

    D042 Jute Santa Sack
    Jute santa sack Cotton drawstring closure The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour in 1...

    From£3.19 each

  9. Heart Shape Chocolate Lolly PP-MM51F

    D043 Heart Shape Chocolate Lolly
    Heart Shaped Chocolate lolly Milk chocolate heart shaped lolly on a stick with double sided tag...

    From£1.79 each

  10. Mini Christmas Tree Tin PP-MM52F

    D043 Mini Christmas Tree Tin
    Mini Christmas Tree tin with domed decal Filled with foil wrapped chocolate balls or colour...

    From£1.89 each

  11. Mini Tag Bag - Eggs PP-MM54F

    D043 Mini Tag Bag - Eggs
    Mini Tag Bag - Eggs Mini bag filled with 20 foiled wrapped chocolate eggs Double sided...

    From£2.45 each

  12. Mini Tag Bag Rock PP-MM55F

    D043 Mini Tag Bag Rock
    Mini Tag Bag - Rock Domed labelled bag filled with season rock sweet Bespoke colours The...

    From£1.99 each

  13. Journalbooks® A4 Classic Executive Notebook PP-PA21

    C035 A4 Journalbooks? Classic Executive Notebook
    Journalbooks® Classic A4 executive notebook Exclusive design classic hard cover notebook...

    From£4.89 Each

  14. A6 Gallery notebook PP-PA45

    C037 A6 PU notebook
    A6 PU padded notebook Stitching detail along the edges Tab closure, page ribbon marker and pen...

    From£2.43 Each

  15. A5 PU notebook PP-PA46

    C037 A5 PU notebook
    A5 PU notebook Stitching detail along the edges and the Tab closure, page ribbon marker and...

    From£3.79 Each

  16. Hard Backed Combi Set PP-PA51

    D029 Hard Backed Combi Set
    Hard backed combi set Rectangular notepad with six sets of coloured flags 80 sheets of plain...

    From£0.85 each

  17. Soft Feel Square Notebook PP-PA52

    D031 Soft Feel Square Notebook
    Soft feel square notebook Plain cream pages 175 sheets of 70gsm paper The quoted price...

    From£0.84 each

  18. Lubeck A6 Notebook PP-PA55

    D034 Lubeck A6 Notebook
    Colours A6 soft touch notebook Soft touch notebook with white unlined paper Matching elastic...

    From£1.05 each

  19. Lincoln Notebook PP-PA59

    D036 Lincoln Notebook
    Lincoln A6 notebook Soft touch cover with gilt edges, elastic closure band, page ribbon marker...

    From£2.99 each

  20. Brooklyn Notebook A6 PP-PA60

    D036 Brooklyn Notebook A6
    Brooklyn Notebook A6 Notebook with soft touch cover and page ribbon marker 80 sheets of 80gsm...

    From£2.54 each

  21. Brooklyn Notebook A5 PP-PA61

    D036 Brooklyn Notebook A5
    Brooklyn Notebook A5 Contrasting colour notebook with page ribbon marker 168 sheets of 60gsm...

    From£3.55 each

  22. Small Notebook PP-PA62

    D036 Small Notebook
    Small notebook Containing 50 sheets of lined 70gsm cream paper The quoted price includes:...

    From£0.69 each

  23. A5 Notebook PP-PA63

    D036 A5 Notebook
    A5 Notebook Card cover with contrasting spine Contains approximately 50 sheets of cream lined...

    From£0.93 each

  24. Dartford A4 Notebook PP-PA64

    D037 Dartford A4 Notebook
    Dartford A4 notebook with a PU cover Elastic closure band and page marker Contains 100 sheets...

    From£3.89 each

  25. Dartford A6 Notebook PP-PA66

    D037 Dartford A6 Notebook
    Dartford A6 notebook Elastic closure band and page marker Contains 100 sheets of 70gsm lined...

    From£1.89 each

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