1. Camping Light PP-TL40

    E118 Camping Light
    Work light Button operated 6 LED torch The quoted price includes: Printed 1 colour under the...

    From£1.45 each

  2. Plastic Pull Lamp PP-TL42

    E118 Plastic Pull Lamp
    Plastic pull lamp 1W x white LED light with matching colour nylon cord Perfect for camping,...

    From£2.49 each

  3. CREE LED 3W Torch with Zoom Function PP-TT03

    C114 CREE LED Torch
    CREE® LED rainproof 3W torch Aluminium construction 3 different levels of brightness, bright...

    From£13.29 Each

  4. Dynamo Torch PP-TT09

    C113  Dynamo Torch
    Translucent dynamo torch Flat webbed wrist strap and two LEDs The quoted price includes:...

    From£1.15 Each

  5. Metal 9 LED Torch PP-TT10

    C113 Metal 9 LED Torch
    Metal 9 LED torch Push button action with strap The quoted price includes: Engraved on the...

    From£1.45 Each

  6. Maglite LED Solitaire Torch PP-TT20

    C114  Maglite LED Solitaire Torch
    Maglite LED Solitaire torch Enhanced brighter white light Maximum brightness 37 lumens...

    From£13.29 Each

  7. Mini Maglite LED AAA Torch PP-TT21

    C114  Mini Maglite LED AAA Torch
    Mini Maglite LED AAA torch Enhanced brighter white light Maximum brightness 84 lumens...

    From£16.09 Each

  8. Mini Maglite LED AA Torch PP-TT22

    C114  Mini Maglite LED AA Torch
    Mini Maglite LED AA torch Enhanced brighter white light Maximum brightness: 97 lumens 4...

    From£20.95 Each

  9. Cube Torch PP-TT29

    E119 Cube Torch
    Cube torch High powered metal 6 LED torch Cube design Carrying strap The quoted price...

    From£1.66 each

  10. Shaula Torch PP-TT38

    E118 Shaula Torch
    Shaula work and play torch Push button power on top for front single white LED Swivel opening...

    From£3.19 each

  11. Mini COB LED Torch PP-TT39

    E119 Mini COB LED Torch
    Mini COB LED light 10cm work light Clip and magnet Super bright COB technology 40 lumens...

    From£5.44 each

  12. COB CREE LED Torch PP-TT41

    E119 COB CREE LED Torch
    COB CREE LED torch CREE XPE Technology 100 lumen headlight Extendable 260 lumen side light...

    From£12.99 each

  13. Camping Lantern PP-TT43

    E118 Camping Lantern
    Camping lantern 1 white LED Adjustable brightness The quoted price includes: Printed 1...

    From£4.59 each

  14. Koln Head Torch PP-TT44

    E119 Koln Head Torch
    Koln head torch Adjustable headband Torch can be adjusted to the correct position The quoted...

    From£6.59 each

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